Performance Court – 150 Elgin is LEED Gold Core + Shell certified. This certification provides many tangible benefits to tenants, including improved water efficiency, reduced energy consumption (ie. lower utility costs), lower carbon emissions, and improved indoor air quality for building occupants. Performance Court is BOMA BEST Platinum. Platinum is awarded to buildings that have met BEST Practices on Canada's leading green building certification program. There’s a reason the building is called Performance Court.
As an urban infill site in downtown Ottawa, Performance Court is easily accessible by transit, bicycle and by foot. In fact, gives 150 Elgin Street 97/100 and calls the location a “Walker’s Paradise.” Similarly, awards the site a Transit Score of 90, making the location a “Rider’s Paradise” with world-class public transportation. As comparison, ranks New York City first in its ranking of U.S. public transit systems with an overall score of only 81.

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Energy Consumption

Performance Court – 150 Elgin targeted 45% reduction in energy consumption relative to the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB), which is the base case used in the LEED program.

Based on preliminary studies performed by Enermodal Engineering (shown in the diagram to the left), Performance Court – 150 Elgin is expected to consume as little as 16 ekWh per square foot, compared to 29 ekWh per square foot for the MNECB base case building and 40 ekWh per square foot for the average Ontario
office building! Compared to an average office building, tenants at Performance Court could see over $1 per square foot in savings on utility costs.

*It should also be noted that Performance Court surpasses the Real Property Association of Canada’s (REALpac) target of 20 ekWh per square foot by 2015 for office buildings. **Energy studies were performed by Enermodal Engineering in April 2011 and are based on $0.08/kWh of electricity and $0.23/m3 of natural gas.

Carbon Footprint

In addition to cost savings, reducing energy consumption also has significant benefits for the environment: it reduces carbon emissions.

As shown on the diagram to the left, translating energy consumption levels to carbon emissions means that the average Ontario office building produces 7.9 kg of carbon per square foot. By reducing energy consumption at Performance
Court by 45% relative to the MNECB base case building, carbon emissions could be as low as 1.9 kg per square foot.

**Carbon studies were performed by Enermodal Engineering in April 2011 and are based on 0.22 kg/kWh of electricity and 0.18 kg/kWh of natural gas.

Leed Gold Program

Performance Court at 150 Elgin has achieved LEED Gold certification for Core + Shell.
For a complete overview of the Performance Court LEED Gold Program, download the LEED 2009 (CS) Scorecard.
download the LEED 2009 (CS) Scorecard